If you’ve chosen to invest in the casino business, it’s obviously important to minimise your outgoings to ensure you turn a profit.  However, one completely non-negotiable expense is on-site manned guarding, which remains an absolute essential for any casino.  What, then, is so important about on-site security?

Français : Casino de La Bourboule.

Français : Casino de La Bourboule. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Needless to say, the biggest reason is that it will help to minimise the about of criminals who target the establishment.  Because of the amount of money typically held on-site at any gambling facility, it is natural that they become a bit of an ‘x marks the spot’ for those looking for cheap financial gain.  Ensuring that you have expert guards and a high quality security system on-site will help reduce the appeal to those considering which venues to target.

Secondly, on-site security will mean that general order can be maintained around your establishment.  This is important for two reasons: firstly, it will mean that there is a lack of any issues with, shall we say, over enthusiastic customers, which should help ensure that there’s no property damage.  Secondly, it will mean that your casino obtains a reputation for being a nice place to go.  This is vital if you want to recoup your investment: no-one is going to want to go and spend their money at a venue that makes them feel uncomfortable.

Thirdly, security can act as an extra sector of customer service.  Typically, they will encounter customers with problems as they do their rounds through the venue, and will be able to either help them themselves, or point them in the direction of casino staff.  Casinos can be busy places, so this extra assistance should never be under-estimated in terms of keeping your customers happy: unhappy customers aren’t going to want to return, after all.

On-site guarding also offers the potential benefit of overall surveillance.  Some guards, rather than patrolling on-foot, will make sure of surveillance equipment to ensure that the whole venue is kept safe.  This will mean that they are able to immediately deal with problems, wherever they occur.  If you’re able to, invest in several guards.  This will mean that one can keep an eye on the venue, with those working the floor able to follow their instructions as to where issues are arising.  This will help you to stop problems immediately.

They will help stop on-site equipment being abused.  Whilst casinos can be targeted by professional criminals, a lot of money can be lost in smaller amounts by people who don’t even look like thieves!  Lots of people will pocket money here or there by ‘hacking’ machines using manufacturer tricks found on the web.  On-site security can be made aware of this, and look out for it.