The UK National Lottery was introduced in November 1994 with an idea to support various good causes and also give people a chance of gaining a life-changing amount for a small outlay.

Up to 28% of the money generated from UK lotto ticket sales goes to good causes and to date this practice has gained over £22 billion.

One interesting thing is around 25% of national lotto jackpots are won by lottery syndicates.

UK lotto is the major lotto game in the United Kingdom and the most popular too.

It is a 6/49 game, players need to choose 6 numbers and match all of them to win the jackpot. Matching fewer numbers can also win smaller prizes.

The overall odds of gaining a prize are 1 in 54. Offline players need to mark their selection in a play slip and give to the retailer, issuing the tickets.

While playing online, numbers are manually entered and a virtual ticket is issued to the player.

If players prefer to get their selected numbers in random, opt for a Lucky Dip Entry. UK Lottery draw takes place twice a week, every Wednesday and Saturday.

Lotto draws are lively televised on the BBC and complete results are published on many online websites.

Playing online UK lotto game is very straightforward. Buy lotto tickets online and take a print out, if you wish.

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The print out can use when you forget the ticket numbers. You are automatically notified by the results when you win a prize in the online game. Players living outside the UK can also play UK lotto online.

All they need to do is purchase tickets from reliable lottery agents. Credit cards or Neteller account can be used to buy UK lotto tickets.

When you win the US $500, the prize will be credited to you automatically using the payment method you chose to buy the tickets.

If you wish to try your luck and gain a life-changing prize, play the UK national lottery online.

UK lotto has made around 2,000 millionaires and multi-millionaires till this time. Why don’t you make a try? Try your most to gain the best!