Sports betting have been around for years and have grown and with the tremendous internet exposure it has witnessed a soaring popularity.

Betting is lot of fun and live sports betting offers an ultimate experience as it offers flexibility in the betting, it’s entertaining and obviously money making opportunities.

Internet has served a great medium for these kinds of betting and made it extremely comfortable to place the safe bets.

Since it is great tools for safe bettors, it comes with wealth of information and tools especially helpful for those who are beginners. Online sports betting are mostly open 24 hours a day and one click away.

For some people it may be only a past time or a hobby to bet few bucks, but believe it; it’s a big business.

People from all over the world place bets on Soccer, Baseball, Cricket, Lacrosse, and every other sports you can think of; to gain big profits daily.

But before embarking on the sports betting, it is important for you to understand the basic terms which are widely used:

Parlays: It’s a bet where 2 or more teams are involved, in which all the teams winning are must. The payout odds increases as the number of events is increased.

Teasers: It’s a special kind of betting wherein you adjust the point spread or total of every individual play. Additional points are added or subtracted from the favorite. The price of moving the teasing is lower which payout odds for the winning

Straight bets: This is the most widely used bet, where you wager on the single side to win. These bets can be made using money line, game total or point spread. The format line varies depending on the sports that you are betting on.

Prop bets: Proposition or prop bets is a bet made on some special circumstances, with two or more results. Simply speaking this is an offer, deal or a proposition of a plan which may or may not be accepted.

Apart from above mention there is other betting which are used such as Point spread, Futures, Baltimore, and Money lines.  There are numerous tutorials and information available on the web to get the thorough understanding of the sports betting.

Also there are sample/dummy betting tutorials available; these betting offer actual visual presentation and put you in a live mode wherein you can feel the real betting happening. This helps in enhancing your confidence over betting.