Italian team stands firmly and performing well constantly, in the series 2016/ 2017. There are some assumptions about the performance of Italian team in football. There is a fight in Italy to win 33 rd. League title. Among seven consecutive series Italy is expecting to stand at fourth. The young comers are supposed to take the team on the top in 2017.

There are various bets on Italian football players like Golf betting expert, the sports guru and value racing tips are some of the betting options. Every option gives opportunity to earn a handsome amount on the winning of betted team. Italian football in 2017 is unpredictable. In this championship Gonzalo HiguaĆ­n seems to win the series. At present Juventus are at best price winning the series A.

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The closest challenge will come this time from Roma. You cannot remove the Napoli out of the series, never underestimate the power of old lion. Among 21 games the highest league winning is 15 by Turin club. The power and finishing ability of this team cannot be avoided. The Italian player Alessandro Nestea has an uncertain future.

Due to some back problems he is out of series which is a big loss to Italian team. Football is a unique game free from barriers of caste, creed and religion. Italy and Brazil are passionate about football. In 2017 it is expected from the Italian team to win the series. Many t-shirts and logos are today available to support your favourite team. There is a better hope for Italy this time.