These days one of the most popular games of card is poker throughout the world. Poker not only lets you earn money but also stimulates and exercises your brain to develop a good strategy and an intelligent move which would win you the game. It is not too difficult to play poker; anybody can learn to play poker. In the beginning try to play free games first as there is nothing much to loose, and try to gauge your expectations, there are several form of this game decide which one you want to learn.


The first question that comes to our mind is that How to play Poker?  Like all other games Poker too has some rules that you have to follow while playing it. In general the basic rules are same for all types, but as there are different variations with each type there is some variation in the rules that is to be honored. In poker basically every player is dealt with 5 cards clockwise. Based on these 5 cards it is determined who has the highest hand.

In poker bets are made before to increase the stakes.  Let’s see how to play poker, as we know a deck of cards contains four suits consisting of hearts, spades, diamonds and clubs. each of these suit have a ace, king queen and jack and numbers from 2 to 10.while you are learning how to play poker, you have to remember that if you can combine the cards then you can make the best possible hand in most of the games, which would vary in some games tough. Listed below are some of the games and how to play poker.

Royal flush: as we learn how to play poker, you would find this is the best possible hand you can have in any game of poker. Now what is a royal flush? A royal flush is when you have the king, queen, jack, ace and ten of the same suit in one single hand. This is quite hard to achieve.

Straight flush: the Straight flush is the second best hand you can have. Though with this hand you can be beaten by royal flush or any higher hand, while you understand how to play poker you will find out that this is a good hand. This hand is even hard to achieve.

Four, three of same kind: gradually as you learn how you can play poker and understand that the hands above can win you games; this hand is also a handy hand to have. This hand is attained when three or four of the same pack denomination cards are dealt.

Full house: full house is one of the most solid you can have, it beats the best three of a kind. While you have learned how to play, you would discover that if you have three cards having the same denomination and other two of another is not uncommon and this is full house.

Straight: straight is a kind of hand which consists of 5 cards of any suit in sequence. A straight hand is when you have five of hearts, six of clubs, seven of diamonds, eight of spades and nine of diamonds. Higher the number in straight the greater is the chance for you to win.

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