There is a concept about players with aces, that they are the one who only play their very best hands and sometimes play only if they have the position. Pocket aces in poker are compared with fossils on earth, but even today you can see many idealistic players playing poker with aces only. When any of your opponents has only aces or kings you need to crack the aces at table.

English: Ace of spades. Nederlands: Schoppen aas.

English: Ace of spades. Nederlands: Schoppen aas. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The end goal while you are playing to crack aces is quite simple enough, that is you will be required to get out of hand cheap or take the entire stack held by any other player involved as quickly as possible.

Points to Remember

The following are the approximate percentages calculations based on the variety of hands hold up against two aces, over the five streets. These are how hands fare against aces.

  • Two cards with one spade and one queen has the percentage of eight
  • An ace accompanied with a king has a twelve percentage
  • Two kings, one from spades and one from diamonds will have only seventeen percent
  • Two jokers; having one joker from spades and another from diamond will have only eighteen percent hands value
  • A combination of two spades with different value, as eight and seven form the same deck will have a twenty-three percent hand value

From the above range you just need to take away the best for hands fare against aces. The worst hands might be having as low percentage as eight percent whereas the best hand could have the percentage up till twenty-three percent. By using above said percentages you can have bets with small risks and greater rewards.


Implied odds and hand selection techniques should be determined in advance to keep advancing in the game with a goal to win it. In case of implied odds, to attain the best percentage out of five cards there is no only one way, that is to get the maximum percentage of twenty-three percent to guarantee to not to get pot odds will help in making the profitable call. Playing against the aces has nothing to do with pot odds; still you can play there for implied odds.

Before playing your hand in such a situation you need to get sure about a few things, like the opponent should have at least 100bb chips minimum, but not more than yours. Then determine the possibility of your opponent to go broke with aces, and last requisite is to have a hand that can get paid. The best strategy to play with pocket aces in poker is to divert the whole risk to the opponents. Cracking the aces is the anti technique which might help you win over your opponents with aces perfectly.

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