French Lotto, yes the official lottery draws in France. It takes place three times a week, which means you have three chances in a week to win big.

The prize money is big and boasts of giving away lottery money worth 2 million in every draw.

It is popular among the citizens in France and drawing lottery three times in a week makes it even more credible and increased user attention.

How to create your chances of winning French Lotto?

The first thing to win the jackpot is to ensure you submit your tickets with your preferred choice of numbers.

Buy France Lotto tickets online and you need to draw five random numbers on your ticket.

Although, there are no proven strategies that could help you in winning French Lotto, playing it smart or selecting a possible combination of numbers can help you win the jackpot or other associated prizes.

Two proven or most widely used strategies of winning French lotto are using either the lotto guy system or smart play lotto wheels. Now both the strategies are unique.

Lotto guy is a simple pattern analysis system while smart play lotto wheels as the name suggests is a wheeling system and offers you fair chances of winning the game.

If you are a beginner in the lottery world and wish to explore or gain big, then it is suggested for you to follow either of the following methods.

The French lotto is usually drawn three times a week during Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday. As it is official and government-approved, the lottery draw is usually telecasted on the television and winners announced immediately.

If you check Lottery Heroes review you will find that playing it online is simple and you can follow the simple steps as mentioned below to play French Lotto online:

  • Choose your tickets from over 50 official or licensed agents
  • Choose the number code that you wish to submit
  • Submit your choice online and wait for a confirmation mail on your submission

In case you have won the lottery or any other associated prize money, then you will get an official notification to your registered mail.