Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum for ecommerce and business are now considered as a success because these coins makes the payments super easy as well as fast. For this reason various online platforms now offers automated and instant money exchange services with lowest market rates.

The best benefit is that you can make payment from wallets on your mobile, web or software just by placing the receiver’s details or wallet address, the amount to be transferred and then pressing ‘send’ option.

People prefer crypto currency because its fees is fixed (which is very nominal as compared to other systems) and there are no extra and surprising fees on transaction of digital currency.

Through your tablet or smartphone you can receive a receiver’s address by scanning a Quick Response code or by getting two phones that include Near-field Communication technology. It is a type of radio communication that makes two persons close to each other.

If you are interested in earning/winning Ethereum cryptocurrency daily, you can now participate in daily lotteries at The ETH93 smart contract is a great platform which offers you a lottery game running off the Ethereum blockchain. With its simple and transparent system you can win great jackpots daily.

A lottery is held every day for participation. Here a random number is generated for announcing a winner. Each ticket just cost 0.01 Ether. The more you buy the more your chances to win the jackpot (93% of the ticket sales proceeds). So why not participate in this game and win huge amounts now.