Among all the famous casino games, it is Blackjack which emerges as the most popular and widely played game around the world. However, there has been an argument going around since long time about whether Blackjack is a game of methods, which involves knowledge and skills or it is purely based on chance or luck.

There are many factors in both favour and against this argument, making it further difficult to pick the right one among these two. It can be said that Blackjack is not based on knowledge only and neither solely on luck. As both these are important for winning a game, thus complete reliance on any one is not sensible.

A blackjack game in progress

A blackjack game in progress (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Playing with a deck full of cards implies that there are multiple possibilities worth considering. The presence of so many possibilities can prove to be a disadvantage for someone who is not much familiar with the game and does not know how to benefit from the odds.

On the other hand, it can become an advantage as although you might not have much knowledge about the most popular strategies for winning the game, but you still have chances to win, sooner or later. This wide range of possibilities and uncertainty adds a fun element to the game.

Although the argument mentioned above is true, still depending on only luck cannot take you too far. Ability to study the cards, read books and learn to make the best use of counting software, are some ways for assuring your chances of winning. Due to this, calculating odds and counting cards is considered to be crucial elements of Blackjack strategy. However, being proficient in these concepts and methods does not improve your chances. It only helps you in finding when the game can turn to your side, especially when betting, splitting or hitting.

Conversely, knowledge is considered the key for ensuring a win in Blackjack. When combined with experience, knowledge forms a significant element which has a major impact on the final outcome of the game. The term knowledge here implies the theoretical part of this game, such as including concepts like bankroll management. The application of this theory is possible when it comes to applying the rules or strategies of the game for your benefit.

Knowledge is also closely associated with the experience. It can be rightly said that experience enables you to react quickly, as you are familiar with the possible responses which can be made in diverse situations. For example, while you play multiple hands in the game of Blackjack, the presence of so many choices can easily confuse a first timer. However, a player who is experienced and knowledgeable will be able to take the required action immediately.

So coming back to the main argument, whether Blackjack is a game of methods or a game of chance, it can be said that Blackjack combines both. The basic idea is to enjoy when you Play Blackjack at Super Casino and increase your chances of winning by relying a bit on both, your luck and knowledge and experience you possess.