There are few simple strategies which when followed can increase your chances to win the online lottery. Anyone who holds a ticket in hand has only one hope in mind, to win, irrespective of being a habitual player or just an occasional player when the jackpot is reasonably high.

The basic principle of Australian OZ Lotto is to deal with numbers and chances are high when you pick a combination that has both odd and even numbers in it.

It can be either a combination of three odd and two even numbers or a two odd and three even numbers, depending on the requirements of the numbers. You will see that you have 65% chance to win with such combinations.

Consider The total    

You should consider the total of all the numbers that you have picked so that it comes to a favorable total within the range of 89 to 151. You may argue that it is an impractical strategy but evidence from the past show that these are the totals which may give you more wins than other combinations.

Always pick a combination that has both low and high numbers as well. This way you can even increase the chances of winning by a staggering 68%, and once again you can rely on past evidence.

Some Common Strategies 

There are some other common strategies that you should follow while playing online Australian OZ Lotto. You should abstain from choosing numbers with respect to anniversaries and birthdays as it limits the total to 31 and not more. Therefore, if you want to better your chances come out of it and think of other numbers.

This strategy will also eliminate the chances of splitting your jackpot, if you win at all that is, with others who may have the same date of birth. And lastly, avoid the so-called lucky numbers as they are played more than often.