Since the Supreme Court remove the federal ban in US forbidding the wagering on sports betting a new wave of debates started across the country. It took twenty five years for the government to take this decision and it looks like it was the right move.

Until now the sports betting was banned by the PASPA (Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act) starting from 1992.

Of course states like Nevada, Delaware, Oregon, and Montana known for their gambling history were considered as an exception from this law.

Unfortunately, they couldn’t developed the segment enough and now after the ban is gone for several months, states like New Jersey already surpass them when it comes to income. NJ online sportsbooks were the first to come live in US and definitely the most beneficial one.

So far the battle for legalizing the sports betting is political and it’s between Democrats and Republicans. They both are trying to gather more and more supporters using the gambling benefits and weaknesses.

The US sports betting is used by Democrats to show the people how beneficial will be the income from economic aspect. On the other hand, the Republicans are looking for glory rather than profits.

They believe that this will lead to addiction among the people and it will make sports less attractive and more suspicious. Overall, from our experience in Europe markets, we believe that if a person want’s to bet you can’t stop him. For sure, it’s much more wise and safe to bet in a regulated sportsbook than in some shady place, where nether the government is winning nor the player is safe.

So far we have eight regulated States and they may increase a bit by the end of the year. Overall, nowadays the sports betting is included in every single local discussion. It gains enormous popularity among the people and it’s about time to happen in more and more states. In which direction the segment will go will most likely be determine next year during the General Assembly.

Following the logic, the states where the powers is inherited to the Democrats will most likely seek the opportunity to legalize the activity. There are states which simply are waiting a bit to see how the other will perform in order to make it better or at least not to make the same mistakes.

Overall so far in US are operating only huge names in the gambling industry, companies with vast experience. Among the names we can see William Hill, Bet Fair and Poker Stars group which are known worldwide, providing the best service and care of it’s players.