History and origin of Gambling and Casinos is, however, not very clear and is unknown. It is believed that the gambling activities are some way or in other had been seen in every human society.

The Chinese people also recorded the first official account of the gambling practice in 2300 B.C. History is fillbitcoin blackjacked with the stories of entertainment based on Games of Chance and Ancient Greeks, Romans to Napoleon’s France and Elizabethan England are all the evidence.

Casino di Venezia is one of the first casinos in world which was established in Venice, Italy in around 1638 and is still in operation.

“Casino” is a word which is of Italian origin. “Casa” is the root word for the term “Casino” which is now very much popular. Basically ‘Casa’ means the house or a small country, villa, summer house or pavilion.

The word then was changed and updated to the word which refers to a building built for pleasure.

However today is the world of online casinos where people can sit at their home and enjoy the moments by playing at sites such as online casino Malaysia.

Security Measures of the Casino World

There are also the two known most modern casino security measures which are divided into physical security and a specialized surveillance department. The job of physical security of the casinos is to patrol the casino floors and responds to the calls for assistance. These also reports of criminals and other suspicious activities going on in the casinos.

A specialized surveillance department of the casinos works on and operates the casino’s closed circuit television system in an effort to detect any misconduct by both guests and employees alike. Both of these different security departments work very closely with each other to ensure the safety and benefit of both guests and the casino’s assets.

Some of the casinos also have the cat-walks in the ceilings above the casino floor. These cat-walks also are used for the security purposes as these cat-walks allow the surveillance personnel to look directly down, through one way glass. By these they keep an eye on any suspicious activities at the tables and/or slot machines.

Not only the cameras and other technological measures but casinos are also enforcing out various other security methods through rules of conduct and behavior, for instance, players at card games are usually required to keep their hands visible at all times.

Today there are various casinos that allow people to play at casinos as well as make money online. These also help in conducting the various security measures for the safety of public.