When you first sign up to play casino games online, you’ll realize that there’s quite a lot of free cash to take advantage of. Thanks to the competition amongst different gaming operators to get new players to sign up, there’s always a welcome bonus on offer. And at most sites, this can be about 200% of whatever the player puts in as their first deposit.

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But that’s not where the free money begins. Most live casino sites now offer a no-deposit bonus for new players registering on a site. The player doesn’t have to put in any money – just register their contact details and a payment card for future deposits. Then they receive a small amount of bonus credit with which they can try out the games on the site.

Some sites such offer a no-deposit bonus in the form of free spins to new players when they first join their site. You can play free slots there before you put any money down. If they like what they find, they’ll usually decide to make an initial deposit with their own cash and that’s where the welcome bonus comes in.

Whatever kind of amount of bonus credit you have to play with, you should get the most out of these live casino sites online. This is easy to do, as long as you use it conservatively. For example, don’t bet large amounts – stick to minimum bets and you’ll get much more entertainment out of the same amount of bonus credit.

There are lots of games that can be played for only pennies at a time, and that means your gaming time will last a lot longer. On slots that offer multiple pay lines, remember that the bet per line will be multiplied by the number of lines you’re playing – so keep a check on the total bet figure before you press Spin.